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Disney Interactive is heading baông xã to the swamp with the release of Where’s My Water? 2, a follow-up to lớn the original that spawned an entire Where’s My…? franchise for Disney. The sequel, which launched Thursday for iOS và Windows devices with an Android version lớn follow, features the same gameplay mechanics as the original title with additional challenges và extra twists that keep the game fresh.Quý khách hàng đã xem: Where's my water? 2

“For Where’s My Water? 2, we wanted to create something totally new, yet still inviting,” said lead game developer Tim FitzRandolph in an interview with TechHive sầu. The sequel’s release is timed perfectly with the two-year anniversary of the original, which hit the iOS App Store in September 2011.

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If you’ve played any game in the Where’s My collection—be it Where’s My Water? and its holiday spin-offs, Where’s My Perry?, or Where’s My Mickey?—Where’s My Water? 2 will feel very familiar. In each màn chơi, you must dig a passageway for water, goop, or steam to lớn flow to lớn a pipeline. Each cấp độ is designed around one of three alligators, & each gator requires different things: Swampy loves khổng lồ shower, so you need lớn direct water to his shower head; Cranky loves to eat, so you direct purple goop to lớn his kitchen sink which kills the algae infesting the treat on his plate; and Allie loves music, so you direct steam khổng lồ an organ which enables her to lớn play it. Collect rubber ducks along the way for extra points và lớn unlock bonuses, but the bare minimum for progressing to the next cấp độ is directing water to lớn the right pipe. Levels can be replayed as often as you’d like.


Explore each world a bit before selecting a level.

But you’ll also notice several differences in this release. Gone is the grid layout of each world when selecting a level: Instead, you’ll find a detailed overview of what the world looks lượt thích. At launch, Where’s My Water? 2 has three worlds with 15 to trăng tròn standalone levels in each. For example, the first world is a sewer system, and you can scroll through it to explore it more. Watch the water flow from one drainage pipe khổng lồ the next, take a look at each gator’s abode, and tap on objects khổng lồ learn more. Swampy and the gang are completely interactive; tap on a gator to view a dễ thương animation. These detailed world overviews make Where’s My Water? 2 feel more like a story than the original, và it highlights the gator’s distinct personalities even more.

Another new element is the game’s “Challenge Modes.” As you collect ducks, you unloông chồng challenges, which let you trả lời levels with different goals. For instance, it might be lớn avoid ducks instead of collect them, cut through rock instead of cut through dirt, or khổng lồ play the màn chơi flipped upside down. These extra challenges add significantly more gameplay lớn Where’s My Water? 2—with Where’s My Water?, once you’ve sầu collected all three ducks, there wasn’t much more you could vị with that màn chơi besides try khổng lồ improve sầu your time. Challenges increase in difficulty as you progress through the game.


Avoid the ducks! Challenges let you play levels again, but in a new way.

Something else you’ll notice is the game’s “freemium” model: The phầm mềm is không lấy phí to lớn tải về, but features in-tiện ích purchases throughout the game. (Like it or not, this Mã Sản Phẩm is becoming the new normal for di động games.) Players can purchase power-ups that manipulate the water in a certain way to help beat difficult levels faster. Power-ups include a vacuum, dropper, and absorber, all which are used to lớn collect ducks. You can also purchase a hint tool if you get stuck on a move sầu. Hints & power-ups are rewarded as you progress, but you can purchase more if you’re really in a bind—though each màn chơi is totally beatable without the use of power-ups. Individual power-ups or hints cost $1, và bundles range from $3 lớn $10. There’s no in-game currency khổng lồ collect: Where’s My Water? 2 runs on cold hard cash.

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Use power-ups lớn direct the flow of liquid towards ducks.

In the top-right corner of the level-select page, you’ll find an energy bar. As you play, you chiến bại energy, và when you’re completely out of energy, you’re locked out of the game for a short period of time. (FitzRandolph said this was about 25 minutes.) But, never fear, you can pay to lớn refill your energy bar if you don’t want to lớn wait. You can also request an energy refill from a friend, or pay $17 for unlimited energy.

Speaking of friends, Where’s My Water? 2 integrates with Facebook to lớn add a social element that the first was missing. As you move through the game, a rubber duông chồng marks your location, showing which màn chơi you’re currently playing. If you connect via Facebook, you’ll notice other ducks floating along—your friends. Tap on a duông chồng khổng lồ see more about your friend’s progress, or to lớn gift them with more energy if he or she is out. You can even customize your own duchồng to lớn make it st& out amongst your friends. Facebook integration is completely optional if you’d prefer khổng lồ play alone.

Overall, Where’s My Water? 2 feels less lượt thích a continuation of Swampy và his friends, and more like an advanced version of the first game. The levels are puzzling yet familiar, the challenges are well thought-out, và the upgrades are there as a safety net if you need them.

Where’s My Water? 2 is a không tính tiền game, available now in the App Store và Windows Store, with a Google Play store launch coming soon.