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Free Download PES 2012 for PC - This is really Hot PC Games in this month, because many peoples waiting for this New Release. Konami is determined to lớn give global football fans a truly realistic, immersive and a delightfully playable take on the beautiful game.That"s why many peoples really curious about PES 2012, & you must to Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 for PC today và feels the real soccer experience on your PC :)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 (abbreviated khổng lồ PES 2012 và known officially as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2012 in Asia) is the eleventh edition in the Pro Evolution Soccer series developed và published by Konangươi with production assistance from the Blue Sky Team. Lionel Mesđắm say, who has been the cover star for the series since PES 2009, will be replaced by Cristiano Ronaldo, while Shinji Kagawa replaces Messi as the cover star for the Japanese version. The US & Latin American cover will feature Santos player Neymar và Cristiano Ronalbởi.

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Like previous versions of the game, it will be exclusively licensed by UEFA khổng lồ contain the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League và UEFA Super Cup competitions along with a license from CONMEBOL khổng lồ feature the Copage authority Santander Libertadores. Referees" governing UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europage authority League & UEFA Super Cup matches will wear the official UEFA Champions League uniforms, which is a first for the series.

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On July 28, 2011, Konami confirmed that PES 2012 will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & Microsoft Windows on October 14, 2011 in Europe & October 6, 2011 in Japan. At Gamescom 2011 it was announced that the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 versions will follow on October 28, 2011 and the Wii on November 4, 2011. The publisher has also confirmed that versions for Nintenvì 3DS & iOS formats are also in development, with firm dates lớn follow. There are two demos, both of which were released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 và PC.
The first is based on a previews build of the game & was released on August 24, 2011 for PlayStation 3 and PC, though because of "issues on both sides" according lớn Jon Murphy, PES Team Leader, it was not released on the Xbox 360. The second test was released 14th September on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & PC.
New Features/Improvements :The AI engine has undergone a major overhaul, with attacking emphasised as the cornerstone of play affording a more open approach lớn play. AI players, your team mates, will now make intelligent dummy runs off-the-ball khổng lồ open up the defence, move sầu into lớn space, all reacting to lớn your moves – the whole team now reacts far more dynamically khổng lồ the actions of the player, moving strategically during passing. Defence has had some changes too, however, with zonal marking & positional defending both enhanced. The Active AI system ensures that players traông chồng attackers more effectively, but without compromising the shape of the team, while one-on-one situations offer greater control as defenders press và jostle lớn win the ball, as attackers can use upper body feints và movements to lớn bypass and wrong-foot their man. A new player switching system allows users to change khổng lồ any player on the field using the right analogue stick. On Free Kicks, players will have sầu far more control with lots more scope for pulling defenders out of position. The jostling system introduced in the last game has also been extended, making for a far more physical experience. It offers proper bodily contact & physical reactions. Graphics have been improved, (see Gallery) with new animations, visual enhancements and control elements. Player facial expression are more detailed while lighting effects are more natural. New cameras show off the huge variety of pitch-side movement, with more detail on và around the game than ever before. Such is the màn chơi of graphical finesses that you can see players sweating, their nechồng muscles tensing as they Gọi for the ball và bark orders khổng lồ each other, and the muscles in their mouths & around their eyes contract to show the emotions the players are experiencing. Referees are also crucial to general game flow & their AI has been greatly enhanced khổng lồ ensure fewer interruptions to play. Decisions are improved, và advantage is played much more regularly in offside và không lấy phí kiông xã scenartiện ích ios. As such, refs will only intervene when truly necessary, but they will show cards if necessary once play has broken down. Pass Support allows users to determine the màn chơi of AI assistance when passing the ball. Players can opt for one of five sầu settings from full support, right up lớn full veteran setting which switches off all assistance so that the direction, weight & speed of every pass is at their disposal. Teammate Control gives users complete control over secondary players while the runner has the ball – represent an astonishing advance for the series. The Teammate Control system works in two ways, with users pressing the right analogue stichồng in the direction of the player they wish to control. The Assisted mode allows the user to lớn activate a second player by depressing the R3 button, & allows users to get khổng lồ grips with the greater level of control via effective sầu running movements. Greater control is offered by the Manual mode, wherein the user has complete freedom of movement of the second player, and can make shuttle runs, find space, & shake off markers before calling for the pass from the player still with the ball. The player will then revert to computer control when the R3 button is released, and can also be used khổng lồ override any AI runs the player wants to lớn cancel. Both can be affected at any time, so players can make moves without waiting for a pass khổng lồ be completed.Challenge Mode makes a return khổng lồ the game. It gives the player a series of tough tests which they can use to hone various skills. The mode allows users to work hard on their attacking and defending skills lớn improve sầu their main game. Similarly, there are dribbling tests & set-piece challenges that necessitate hitting a series of targets, và punishing shooting tasks are used lớn push the player as they put in the hours that will make all the difference on field. Superstar Difficulty is a new difficulty for experienced gamers, a step higher than top-player.Screenshots :



Minimum Requirements :
OS: Windows XPhường SP3, Vista SP2, 7CPU: Intel Pentium IV processor 2.4GHz or equivalentRAM: 1GBGFX: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon x1300GFX RAM: 128MB of RAM, Pixel shader 3.0, DirectX 9.0c compatible đoạn phim card
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