Haông chồng Information:Hackbar: Press 1 Money (10-500) - 2 Points (1-10) - 3 Toggle P1's HPhường. - 4 Toggle P1's Energy - 5 Toggle P2's HP - 6 Toggle P2's Energy

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trò chơi InformationAn improved version of comic stars fighting game 3 of the new improvements! The next edition of the game, in which characters collide with Dragon Ball Z, Naruto lớn and other anime. The new version includes many new characters và options. Choose your favorite & get ready for the big beat, selecting one of the available game modes. Controls: W, S, A, D - Move sầu U, I, O - the action J, K, L - the action khổng lồ start the game, clichồng on the blaông chồng AWU and white lettering.

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Cheats: Hackbar: Press <1> Toggle health - <2> Toggle cooldown - <3>...

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The Green Kingdom

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Cheats: Hackbar: Press <1> Toggle Health - <2> Money (100-5000) - <3...

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Modern Sniper Zero

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Cheats: Keyhacks: Press <1> Toggle Health - <2> Toggle Ammo - <3> Mo...

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Celestial Vanguard

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Cheats: Keyhacks: Press <1> Toggle Health - <2> Credit

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