Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure

Also known as: Dragon Ball: Advance Adventure (JP)Developer: DimpsPublishers: Banpresto (JP), Bandẻo (EU), Atari, SA (US)Platform: Game Boy AdvanceReleased in JP: November 18, 2004Released in US: June 6, 2006Released in EU: June 17, 2005Released in KR: 2005

This game has hidden development-related text.

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This game has unused graphics.
This game has regional differences.

Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, based on the Dragon Ball manga and anime series, revolves around Goku"s early adventures when he was a kid.


2 Unused Graphics3 Regional Differences

Versions & Build Dates

All versions of the game include some build info near the end of the ROM. The Japanese và Korean versions, while separate ROMs, giới thiệu the same version và date. Given that the versions seem lớn count inversely khổng lồ the games" release order, it"s possible they were each versioned separately.


1.04Sun Sep 26 16:36:02 2004

0.61Fri Feb 25 19:39:46 20050.50Mon Dec 19 17:01:56 2005

Unused Graphics

To do:This rip of the title screen graphics seems to feature an alternate palette for the title screen background, which it erroneously claims is used on the European version"s title screen. Investigate whether this palette exists in any version of the game and, if so, document it accordingly.



An unused animation featuring the costume Bulma first appears in can be found along with her other in-game sprites.

Regional Differences

To do:Certain characters have sầu name changes (e.g. Tao Pai Pai -> Mercenary Tao, Tenshinhan -> Tien) or differently-romanised names (e.g. Gokou -> Goku, Juckie Chun -> Jackie Chun) between the versions released in different territories - these changes need documenting....There"s probably more differences, too.

Intro Sequence

Europe US

Title Screen


The Japanese and European versions base their hình ảnh sản phẩm design on the one used in the anime"s opening credits sequence.

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Additionally, the Japanese version plays an instrumental version of the anime"s opening theme "Makafushigi Adventure!", which has been replaced with an original composition in both the European & US versions.

JapanUS và Europe

During the credits sequence, the Japanese version plays an arrangement of the anime"s ending theme, "Romantikku Ageru Yo". Like the opening theme, this was replaced with an original composition in both overseas releases.

Voice Acting

The Japanese and European versions mô tả the same voice acting, featuring the Japanese voice cast reprising their roles from the original anime. The US version changes this, instead using newly-recorded voices from the cast of Funimation"s English dub of the anime. These new clips include some localised names lớn match said English dub - for example, Goku"s cry of "Kinto-un!" instead becomes "Flying Nimbus!".



The A-button ibé has been redrawn between all three versions. Additionally, the + was slimmed down for the US version, & Goku is called "Gokou" in the Japanese version.


Yoo-hoo!Yikes!Heh heh heh! You can"t get away from me!Goku: Yoo-hoo!Oolong: Yikes!Goku: Heh heh heh! You can"t get away from me!
This dialogue takes place right before Goku fights Oolong in the air. Even though the speech bubbles point at the respective sầu characters, their names were added khổng lồ the US version"s dialogue.
Oolong: Give me some girl"spanties!Oolong: Give me the world"s mostcomfortable pair of underwear!
Oolong"s wish upon the Dragon Balls was altered for the American market, matching the change made in the corresponding episode of Funimation"s English-language dub of the anime. This change also affects the thành tích collection screen, where the công trình
Girl"s Panties is renamed
Comfy Underwear.
Korin: After catching me,your power......has increased severaltimes over!Korin: By catching me,yourpower......has incresed severaltimes over.
The American localization manages khổng lồ introduce two typos here: the laông xã of a space after the comma & the more egregious misspelling of "increased".
Black: For now, we should getout of here! We will rebuildour forces!Black: For now, we should getout of here! We will rebuildor forces!
Another Funimation-approved typo ("or forces").

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