Starcraft Ii: Heart Of The Swarm

Swarm is the opening cinematic for StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, the second chapter in the StarCraft 2 trilogy. And in this terrifying journey from the skies khổng lồ the ground, we finally get lớn see the Zerg completely overwhelm a city. The StarCraft game series is an incredibly complex real-time strategy game. But the scale and fantastic nature of the art elements (characters, buildings, environments) are mostly left to lớn the imagination. The game requires that the unit designs be quick reads for gameplay reasons. This means that proportions, silhouettes & texture coloration be calibrated for fast-paced gameplay. Of course, the in-game art is extraordinarily well done, but it serves gameplay before art (just as it should). In contrast, the art we see in the cinematics aren’t bound by game design or engine restrictions, so the cinematic artists are able lớn fully realize these characters và environments in all their glory.

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In addition to setting the mood và story for the game, StarCraft 2 cinematics give players a chance to see their beloved units up close & personal. It started with the StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty teaser where we got to lớn watch a lowly marine suit up in spectacular fashion. And every subsequent StarCraft 2 cinematic has shown us something that we’ve never seen before.

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Audio commentary excerpt with Jeff Chamberlain (Project Director) và Jonathan Berube (Project Art Director):
Cinematic Credits Project Director: Jeff Chamberlain Project Art Director: Jonathan Berube Sr. Project Producer: Phillip Hillenbr&, Jr. Project Producer: Angela Blake Cinematic Script: Chris Metzen VPhường, Art & Cinematic Development: Nick Carpenter VP, Cinematic Operations: Mike Ryder Director of Technology: Mark A. Brown Production Director: Noel Wolfman Lead Producer: Scott Abeyta Project Editors: Brian Horn, Rebecca Lilienfeld VFX Supervisor: Jon Lanz Department Supervisors: John Burnett, Steeg Haskell, Arthur Jeppe, Mike Kelleher, Jared Keller, Brian LaFrance, James McCoy, Fin Teo, Seth Thompson, Xin Wang, Laurent Charbonnel Project Leads: Steven Chen, Građắm say Cunningsi, Devon Fay, Sheng Jin, Eddie Yong Hyun Klặng, Bill La Barge, Hung Lee, Ryan Leasher, Jamie Pilgryên ổn, Glenn Ramos, Cinematic Artists: Scott N. Army, Till Aschwanden, Jongha Baik, Becca Baldwin, Ben Barker, Jason Barlow, Stephane Belin, Ricarbởi Biribố, Ted Boonthanakit, Toni Bratindevic, Alvaro Buendia, Vitaly Bulgarov, Jason Burton, Scott Campbell, Aaron Chan, Hosuk Chang, Daniel Chavez, Ray Chih, Tae Young Choi, Matt Cordner, Drew Dobernecker, Emanuel Druckmann, David Durvà, Anthony Eftekhari, Joe Frayne, Shuntaro Furukawa, Eric Grimenstein, Chris Ha, Mike Hardison, Jason J. Hill, Benjamin Min Huang, Steve sầu Hui, Dwight Hwang, Rodney Iwashina, Joe Jackman, Jeramiah Johnson, Chung Kan, Bernie Kang, Ren Kikuchi, Andy C. King, Mike Koizungươi, Mark Lai, Scott Lange, Hoya Lee, John F. Lee, Shawn Liang, Dyllan Lu, David Luong, Brandon Martynowicz, Matthew Mead, Andrew Melnychuk-Oseen, Lucas Merino, Sadahisa Namiki, Tuan Ngo, Levente Peterffy, Laurent Pierlot, Kirti Pillai, Reo Prendergast, Jarett Riva, Casey Robinson, Davy Sabbe, Kazuhikhổng lồ Shimadomain authority, Fabio Stabel, Peter Starostin, Takuya Suzuki, Geordie Swainngân hàng, Jon Teer, Sofia Vale Cruz, Mathias Verhasselt, Matias Volkert, Wei Wang, Christopher Y. Yang, Kenson Yu, Fabio Barretta Zungrone