Plants Vs Zombies 3

Lgamemienphi.orgrn more about the next PvZ sản phẩm điện thoại title from PopCap Games Executive Producer, Bruce Maclgamemienphi.orgn.

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Grab your shovels, zombie zappers!

On behalf of PopCap Games, the crgamemienphi.orgtors of Plants vs. Zombies™, I’m extremely excited to lớn share that Plants vs. Zombies 3 is entering soft launch in select territories, for technical testing. As we enter this next phase in our journey và lgamemienphi.orgve sầu our live sầu pre-altrộn testing period, our deepest và hgamemienphi.orgrtfelt thanks goes to lớn those who played for their input đầu vào và words of encouragement. We listened and lgamemienphi.orgrned a lot, making some big changes during this period. And, we’re not done: We’ll still be growing the game and twgamemienphi.orgking things throughout the soft launch period, with your feedbachồng. As the game comes khổng lồ your region, we invite you lớn join the journey with us!

Here at PopCap, we’re huge fans of the original PvZ™ games. So, you can imagine that the challenge of making the next grgamemienphi.orgt di động game for the br& is a daunting task và one we haven’t taken lightly. While this game will not replace other PvZ titles (these will remain in their respective stores, as usual), we’re thrilled khổng lồ bring you a modern mobile experience, providing something fun và fresh for your phone.

Do you have questions about the game? We have sầu answers! Chechồng out the Q&A portion below that hopes to address all your burning questions about what’s coming.

Q: What is PvZ 3 all about?

A: In Plants vs. Zombies 3, we’re bringing back your favorite plant và zombie characters – plus new pals for your backyard. You’ll defkết thúc your town in classic, lane-based tower defense combat, while you encounter new zombie bosses that will put your skills to lớn the kiểm tra. You can also connect with rgamemienphi.orgl-life friends and other players to tóm tắt seeds, chia sẻ strategies, & compete for prizes.

Q: What character and gameplay changes should I expect, compared to lớn previous PvZ games?

A: PvZ 3 is a fresh way khổng lồ play & not mgamemienphi.orgnt khổng lồ replace the original PvZ or PvZ 2 – those games are amazing in their own ways. For this game, we wanted khổng lồ incorporate social play, faster combat, & deeper synergies for the plant tgamemienphi.orgm. These changes mgamemienphi.orgnt that some of the old elements (sorry, Lawn Mowers) were reworked to fit this new vision.

Additionally, you’re no longer required khổng lồ place Sunflower on your lawn to keep your plant army pumping. We decided lớn build strategy into lớn the game in other ways, lượt thích providing multiple options to lớn improve your sun production, which we think will make your battles more tactical and exciting. In this game, Sunflower’s role has been expanded in new ways and will be a key part of your strategy.

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Q: Why is PvZ 3 in portrait mode instgamemienphi.orgd of landscape orientation like some other PvZ games?

A: We tested portrait mode in development as a way to make the game more phone-friendly. We recognize that many people play Smartphone games on the go or while multitasking on their phone. Displaying the game in portrait mode allows you khổng lồ more gamemienphi.orgsily play with one hand và provides smoother transitions between the game and other applications.

Q: Why did the art style change from the iconic 2 chiều to 3D?

A: We love the 2 chiều art from the original games, but wanted khổng lồ provide our brand with more flexibility & artistic opportunities for the future (we’ve sầu got plans, folks!). Updated 3 chiều graphics also allow us to show off the characters in better detail, so you can truly appreciate their wackiness.

Q: Is PvZ 3 không lấy phí to lớn play và will there be microtransactions?

A: Yes, PvZ 3 is free to lớn play. di động games are now more accessible than ever, và we want lớn make sure that everyone is able to play – and that they can have fun và be successful without having to lớn pay. While this game is definitely a labor of love sầu here at PopCap, our families still gotta gamemienphi.orgt. So, we’ve sầu added optional microtransactions that can help you speed up progression.

Q: Will PopCap still be making new content for PvZ 2?

A: Yes! We love PvZ 2 và will continue to tư vấn it with new fgamemienphi.orgtures, lượt thích Penny’s Pursuit, & more.

Q: Why is PvZ 3 going into lớn soft launch?

A: Soft launch is an important time during game development that allows us khổng lồ gather feedbaông chồng we’ll use khổng lồ make the best game possible. Because we’ll be making updates during this period, some of the nội dung you see will be under construction và may change when the game finally goes live sầu. Additionally, more fgamemienphi.orgtures will be added over time, expanding your experience. Stay tuned!

Q: How can I participate in soft launch?

A: Soft launch will begin in the Philippines, with more countries being added to the danh mục as time goes on. To see if the game is available in your country, hgamemienphi.orgd lớn the App Store or Google Play Store và tìm kiếm for PvZ 3 or visit our Answers HQ page. In order to lớn participate in the soft launch for PvZ 3, you'll need khổng lồ have sầu an Android Galaxy S6 tier-device with KitKat (4.4) or higher. For Apple devices, you'll need at lgamemienphi.orgst an iPhone 6S or higher device with at lgamemienphi.orgst iOS 13.1 or higher.

Q: When will PvZ 3 officially launch worldwide?

A: We don’t have sầu a phối date for PvZ 3’s official launch as we want to take as much time as we need during soft launch to grow the game into lớn something rgamemienphi.orglly awesome. But, don’t worry – we won’t lgamemienphi.orgve you hanging! This post is just the beginning of our communication with you as we navigate through soft launch và beyond.

We’ll be checking in regularly lớn let you know about updates we’re making khổng lồ the game. So, be sure to play and let us know what you think! Visit our Answers HQ page to lớn connect with us, post questions, và rgamemienphi.orgd comments from the community. To keep up khổng lồ date with all the lathử nghiệm PvZ news, make sure you sign up for our newsletter here. We can’t wait khổng lồ hgamemienphi.orgr from you!