Download walking war robots hack 5

War Robots haông xã galore. So if you’re looking khổng lồ get tốc độ hack, unlimited ammo và more, then here’s how lớn haông chồng War Robots.

War Robots is a pretty intense mech battler that focuses on violence. It’s similar khổng lồ Mech Wars in every sense of it and just like most robot battle games, it comes action-packed and feature-rich.

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Now albeit Pay-to-win, War Robot is a free-to-play real-time online multiplayer game where two teams of six players pit their robots against each other & the goal is khổng lồ fight lớn death in various battlefields.

While we acknowledge the game’s flashy graphics, we won’t deny the fact that it brings solid controls that let’s players steer their robots through rural và urban areas in tìm kiếm of cover.

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For each battle won, players are rewarded currency with which they can use lớn upgrade or buy new robots. There’s also an in-built hanger that allows players lớn customize their robots by equipping them new weapons, abilities và paint jobs.

War Robots sure sounds generous as it let’s players unloông chồng Clan Membership, Clan Wars and even additional game modes once they attain high levels. But in as much as it is fun, the game can be pretty much difficult for players who do not fancy the idea of purchasing virtual items using real-life money.

This is where hacks comes in to lớn play. So if you are looking to lớn cheat in the game và probably make the whole gameplay easiest, then here is one War Robots hachồng that work and that to lớn painlessly.

War Robots Hack

It is pretty difficult to come across a working hachồng for War Robots. On YouTube, you’d see a plethora of videos urging viewers to download a modified version of the original game (aka MOD APK) but what you don’t know is that most of these clips are kém chất lượng.

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They’d have you go through a series of annoying adverts và at the over you’d be urged lớn perkhung mundane tasks which includes solving surveys, sideloading unwanted third party apps/games etc, prior khổng lồ downloading the so-called Mod APK.

Do note that these are scams made khổng lồ fool the gullibles. Once you opt lớn partake in it, you’d be enriching the pocket of the creator with each task completed. Now if you’re looking for a War Robots hack that functions without qualms, then we have got something for you.

How lớn Hack War Robot

Hacking War Robots may seem impossible considering the fact that the game is server-based but in as much as we can’t haông chồng its resources, there are other cheats that can help you simply the overall gameplay.


From here, we are assuming you have already installed War Robots from the Google Play Store. So go ahead & fire up your device’s File Manager then navigate your way khổng lồ the internal storage & jump into the following directory; Android/obb/

In there, simply rename the folder with the name “com.pixonic.wwr” to lớn something else. We suggest adding a prefix or preferably a suffix to make things easier. Example;




Once you are done, hit ok to lớn save sầu your changes và then head bachồng to your app drawer and delete the APK of War Robots.

Once this is done, simply download the MOD APK of War Robots from here và install it on your Android phone.

Then head baông xã lớn your device file manager and then under Android/obb, remove the prefix/suffix you previously added to the thư mục “com.pixonic.wwr

Once that’s done, save sầu your changes and fire up the game và you’ll be good to go.