Hitman: Game of the Year Edition GOG nhận xét Bomb is currently underway over claims that the game includes DRM on what is ostensibly a DRM-không lấy phí storefront.

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The năm 2016 version of Hitman was very different from previous games due lớn an increased reliance on online-centric nội dung. The game"s future was in trouble when Square Enix decided khổng lồ release IoI Interactive as one of its developers; fortunately, the company managed khổng lồ l& on its feet & reclaim ownership of the Hitman franchise as an independent entity.

Since then, a second và third Hitman game in the new trilogy was released, the latter of which upset some players by being an Epic Games Store exclusive and worrying players about having to pay for nội dung in the previous games a second time. Now, the first game in the modern trilogy has launched over at DRM-không tính tiền retailer GOG and it"s become embroiled in controversy over its online-only systems.

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Why the Hitman: trò chơi of the Year Edition GOG Đánh Giá Bomb is Happening

The Hitman: trò chơi of the Year Edition GOG Reviews bomb is happening over what is essentially an argument about the definition of DRM due to lớn the game"s inclusion of online-only features, further complicated by GOG"s response lớn some of these reviews.

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Take note of a disclaimer in the description on the game"s store page:

Please note: Internet connection is required to access Escalation missions, Elusive Targets or user-created Contracts. Story & bonus missions can be played offline.

The online-only features didn"t exactly run as smoothly as one might have sầu hoped when the game first launched, so it"s no surprise that people aren"t particularly fond of them.

The inclusion of these online-only features has resulted in the Hitman: trò chơi of the Year Edition GOG nhận xét bomb; the game currently sits at an astonishingly low 1.5/5 stars based on user đánh giá. GOG"s response to lớn these negative Đánh Giá has arguably made the situation worse.

"Dear GOG community! Thank you for bringing this topic to lớn our attention," began a statement from the company on its forums. "We’re looking inlớn it and will be updating you in the coming weeks. In case you have sầu purchased HITMAN và are not satisfied with the released version, you can use your right to lớn refund the game. At the same time, while we’re open for meritful discussion & feedbaông xã, we will not tolerate Reviews bombing & will be removing posts that vì not follow our đánh giá guidelines."

GOG"s intolerance of "reviews bombing" appears at odds with its Đánh Giá policy as highlighted on Reddit; note the sections about negative đánh giá & unacceptable Review content:

Can I write a negative review?

Yes. If you are unsatisfied with the game (e.g. the gameplay, graphics, in-game mechanics và features) you are free lớn write a nhận xét and share your opinion with other GOG users as to why you vày not recommkết thúc it.

What kind of nội dung is considered unacceptable in a review?

Your Review should be about the game you are writing your Reviews about, constructive sầu & polite. Please refrain from using language that may be considered offensive, inappropriate, or abusive. 

The inclusion of online-only features is viewed by some as being tantamount to lớn DRM -- something that"s not supposed khổng lồ happen on GOG as a general rule. We"ve reached out to lớn GOG for comment on this matter & will update this article when we receive a reply. You can buy Hitman: Game of the Year Edition on GOG for $17.99 or your regional equivalent, a 70% discount.