Watch no game, no life the movie: zero

năm trước was a good year for anime. I feel like everyone can say that about any year, but I wouldn’t argue against someone who says năm trước was. A lot of big hits came out that year, chief among them being the anime adaptation of the light novel series known as No Game No Life.

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Even if you’ve sầu never watched No trò chơi No Life, there’s a svào chance you’ve heard the praise for it. There’s an even stronger chance you’ve heard the countless pleas from fans for a second season. I’d wager that if every anime bạn was polled to ask one question, “When’s No Game No Life Season 2” would be pretty high up there.

For those who aren’t aware of why this anime is so beloved, this article will serve to lớn fill you in. Before we go that far though, it’s best to lớn introduce the characters.


Sora – The older half of the genius sibling team behind the online trương mục known as「 」(pronounced “Blank”) which has become an urban legend in the online gaming world. Although he has a high IQ, he’s known for being the more crafty & charismatic sibling. When he and his sister are brought into Disboard, they decide lớn stichồng together và figure out their new world.

Shiro – The younger half of the「 」team. She’s the smarter of the two but is much-less social và emotional. Like her brother, she doesn’t function well when she’s not in the presence of the other sibling.

Tet – “The One True God” of Disboard, and a member of the Old Deus. He is the one who takes an interest in Sora và Shiro & brings them to lớn his world.

Stephanie – A human living in Disboard. She’s the granddaughter of the previous king of Elkia, before he lost it in a game. Her kind will is both a detriment and a blessing in her world.

Jibril – Belonging to the angelic race called Flugels, her truly sadistic personality is bephối by her alluring beauty. She lives in the National Library of Elchea, which she won in a game with Stephanie’s Grandfather.

The Allure of No trò chơi No Life

The premise of No trò chơi No Life is a unique one. It begins with two step-siblings, who are self-isolated NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) living in nhật bản. Thanks to their intelligence and social reclusiveness, the two have become undefeated gamers, commonly sharing accounts simply titled 「 」or “Blank”.

Their skill gets the attention of Tet, a god from another world called Disboard where games decide everything. After the pair beat him in a chess match, he pulls them inkhổng lồ Disboard. As they helplessly fall from the sky, Tet cheerfully explains the rules of the world to them.

What follows is a story of these two protagonists betting all they have sầu on games against people in a world where one of the only rules is essentially “it’s only cheating if you’re caught.” And the face-offs và games aren’t something out of your Saturday morning cartoons. It’s more lượt thích watching the preparations & reveals you’d expect from the characters of Death lưu ý or Code Geass. The games vary widely from Poker lớn Cops & Robbers in a virtual world, & they’re all a joy to watch unfold thanks to the high-level mind games.

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In fact, they’re especially a joy to lớn watch because the art in the anime is beautiful. Even if you don’t consider how similar some fantasy animes look, the intense color palette of this anime makes it stvà apart from all others. I don’t like lớn attach an anime khổng lồ a single word or title, but if there’s any anime that deserves lớn be called the “aesthetic” anime, it’s No Game No Life.


To summarize: the art is gorgeously colorful, the characters are wonderfully entertaining, và the world is incredibly chất lượng. There really is no comparison for a work like this. And yet saying that validates the dem& for another season, but still begs the question on why there hasn’t been one yet.

What Could Make A Second Season Challenging

It’s possible that the answer to that might be due to how the anime ended. While it followed the first three volumes of the light novel pretty well, the last few moments are a detraction of sorts. Sora & Shiro calling upon an old Deus and challenging it to lớn a game is not a moment in the third volume but from the end of the sixth volume.

The reasoning for including this moment that’s meant for later is likely two-fold: for one it certainly is a wonderful note lớn kết thúc on, but it’s also a good advertisement for the sixth volume of the series, which just so happened khổng lồ come out around the time that the anime adaptation did. As much as fans of the series wouldn’t want lớn hear it it does seem lượt thích the anime could have been made to draw attention to lớn the light novel series. The implication in situations lượt thích this is that a continuation might never be made since a major reason for its existence is to sell the source material.

The Film Prequel – No trò chơi No Life Zero

But, as if lớn add fuel lớn the fire, another animated work was made after the series. No trò chơi No Life Zero is the prequel story about how Disboard became a world governed by games. The film was announced in 2016 and released in 2017, three years after the anime adaptation.


While the film satiated fans’ hunger for more animated content of the series, it does make its future very…curious. The story from No trò chơi No Life Zero actually makes up a majority of the sixth volume of the light novel. But since the film released three years after the anime and the release of the sixth volume, it doesn’t seem lượt thích a work lớn boost sales. With fans clamoring for more, the film has only since ignited hope of a second season.

It’s hard khổng lồ say what the future for the series is. How would a sequel handle two volumes of skipped content? Events could be moved around, but who knows how that’d affect the plot. Either way, I know I’ll be waiting with fingers crossed.

How to Get Your Fix

Thankfully, there are a variety of options available for you lớn watch No trò chơi No Life và its film prequel, No Game No Life: Zero.

If you’re looking khổng lồ watch the series, you can watch it on Netflix with a variety of dub options, including the Japanese và English dubs. With VRV & a HIDIVE subscription, you can watch it in the Japanese or English dub. Lastly, you can watch it for không lấy phí on Crunchyroll, albeit with only the Japanese dub.

If you’re interested in No Game No Life: Zero, you can watch it on Netflix with the same dubbing options as the series. VRV has two separate listings for the Japanese dubbed version & the English dubbed version; both require a HIDIVE subscription to watch. It’s also available on Amazon Prime Video with the Japanese dub and can be watched for không lấy phí if you have sầu Prime.

There’s a high possibility that you’ll want more after consuming the truyền thông media above. In that case, it might be good for you to know that all of the volumes in the on-going light novel series have been translated và are available on RightStuf.