Resident evil 2 remake gameplay

Resident Evil 2 is probably the best remake ever made. That’s high praise, but it is absolutely warranted: Capcom has created exactly what you want out of a remake. This is the story, world, and characters that you rethành viên, but built from the ground up in a modern engine, & using modern gameplay mechanics. This is no halfway house remaster; this is what everyone wants from the Final Fantasy VII remake, but applied to lớn one of the 1990s’ greademo horror games.

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The E3 playable test is short, but demonstrates the two greademo strengths of this remake. The Raccoon City Police Station is exactly how you rethành viên it; an almost gothic labyrinth of passages, with secret routes that require medallions khổng lồ access them.

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It is, once again, Leon Kennedy’s first day on the job, và he makes progress through his dreadful career start in a slow, deliberate manner with extensive use of cautious room exploration and puzzle solving. But all of this is rendered in the Resident Evil 7 engine, và played from Resay mê 4’s over-the-shoulder perspective. As such, the game looks stunning, and arguably plays better than the series ever has.

It’s also perhaps the nastiest of the series. Resident Evil 7 refocused the series’ lens on a more grisly size of horror, và that’s present in the new Resident Evil 2, too. Everything feels more authentically styled as is showcased by how real & worn Leon and his RPD colleagues look. As such, when the horror starts, it gets nasty quickly.

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If you were there in 1998, you’ll rethành viên your first encounter with a zombified Raccoon City police officer. It was terrifying, partially because tank controls meant it was no fun to fight a shuffler at all. In 2018, the same zombie encounter is equally terrifying, & in all the right ways. Each bullet from Leon’s handgun tears chunks of dead flesh out of the corpse, causing great gushes of blood khổng lồ leap from the wound. Its face deforms with each repeated headshot, before it collapses in a mushy heap, hopefully now properly dead.

The remake pulls no punches with the viscera and nastiness. Later in the kiểm tra, Leon discovers a dead officer who has had his face practically torn in two, và as he moves the poor guy’s head, the wound slowly falls open from jaw lớn ear, revealing glistening wet and upsettingly detailed tendons and severed muscle. Where the original required us lớn fill in the blanks between its primitive polygon count, the remake of Resident Evil 2 can show off Capcom’s world in a manner that the team baông chồng then likely originally envisioned.


For those who cherish their memories of 1998, the Resident Evil 2 remake will no doubt prove an instant success: who wouldn’t want a favourite of the past resurrected in such a manner? It is a remake made with the love sầu, attention, và respect that players have sầu been demanding from HD remasters for a decade, & seeing what Capcom has done instantly throws many other developers over the sidelines.

For anyone who doesn’t have that nostalgia, Resident Evil 2 is simply another terrific horror game, albeit with some old-school kiến thiết. There’s absolutely no question that when it releases in January 2019, a new generation of Retê mê 2 fans will be spawned within the gore-drenched hallways of the Raccoon City Police Station.

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