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a game by Capcom
Platform: PC
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2019 saw the return of the classic Resident Evil 2 game featuring Leon Kennedy & Claire Redfield. The real star of the show is the eerie main villain, the indestructible Mr. X. Resident Evil 2 is a great horror game, và the original version was loved dearly by fans. Resident Evil 2 Remake was announced in năm ngoái with a reveal trailer in 2018. It’s safe khổng lồ say that it was a highly anticipated remake, và it did not disappoint. It took elements from the original game và improved on them. As for its original additions, nothing felt out of place.


Rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield made a return as the playable characters in Resident Evil 2. Depending on the character you choose to lớn play as, the sequences, weapons and locations accessible will vary. However, the events of the story will still be similar.



The events of the game are mix in Raccoon City, a location where the Umbrella Corporation has released the T-Virus, a bioweapon that turns people inkhổng lồ mindless zombies.

The first scene in the game takes place at a gas station outside the city. A rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy & Claire Redfield meet each other. Claire is out looking for her brother Chris. Chis Redfield is a central character lớn the Resident Evil franchise.After Leon & Claire are separated due lớn a oto accident, they agree to lớn meet at the city’s police department. However, the building & the entire thành phố is fully infested by zombies and other horrors. When you choose khổng lồ play as a character, you’ll have to lớn reunite with the other while avoiding horrors & nightmarish creatures like the Tyrant Mr. X.

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The remake uses an over-the-shoulder third-person shooter angle which is much more preferable lớn the fixed camera angles used in the original game. This allows players to move sầu while using their weapons, và it improves the overall control of your character.


The regular difficulty mode allows players to save sầu whenever they want in safe rooms. Unlượt thích the original Resident Evil 2 where players had to collect ink ribbons for a finite number of saves. If you prefer the high tension save system from the original game, Hardcore mode allows you to save with that system.

Players also get to play as a supporting character for one section of the game. In Leon’s sequence, you play as Ada Wong, while in Claire’s sequences, you’ll control Sherry Birkin.

Once you’ve finished the main story for a character, you can unlochồng the 2nd run which is a variation of the main campaign that ties in with the events of your original playthrough. So rooms you’ve sầu visited và entrances you’ve unlocked will stay that way.Once you’ve completed the 2nd run, you’ll unloông chồng the 4th survivor and the Tofu survivor minigames as well.


Great remakeEnjoyable gameplay


Some bugs at launch

The Resident Evil 2 Remake is a game that manages khổng lồ feel original while staying true to lớn the first version. This makes it leave a solid impact for players new to the franchise, yet it still satisfies nostalgic fans.