Capcom might have billed this Resident Evil 2 remake as a complete reimagining of a classic, but plenty of old features still make a return. In this Resident Evil 2 typewriters guide, we"ll be walking you through how khổng lồ save in Resident Evil 2, so you can always safely log your progress as either Leon or Claire.

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How to lớn Save sầu in Resident Evil 2

If you’ve sầu played Resident Evil at all, you’ll be aware of typewriters. Historically, this is the chiến thắng that the franchise has used since the original game, by which the player can save sầu. In the Resident Evil 2 remake, the typewriters return once again, & you can think of the typewriter as your way of manually saving in Resident Evil 2.

The sacred typewriter | Hirun Cryer

In the Assisted & Standard modes of difficulty in Resident Evil 2, there’s no limit on the amount of times you can use typewriters throughout the game. Simply put, you can save sầu, & probably should save, whenever you encounter a typewriter, which are often found in ‘safe rooms’ like the main hall of the police station, or the chief’s office in the upper floors of the police station.

But, if you’re playing on Hardcore mode, you’ll be given a finite amount of Ink Ribbons. These are the items that you’ll use lớn save at typewriters, & since you’re given a finite amount of them in the game, you’ve sầu got lớn use them strategically. We’re not yet sure whether you can obtain additional Ink Ribbons by playing Resident Evil 2, but we’ll make sure lớn update this guide when we know for sure.

This was taken before the pilgrimage | Hirun Cryer

Does Resident Evil 2 Have sầu Aukhổng lồ Save sầu or Save Anywhere?

Although the game does feature an autosave sầu system, it’s actually pretty unreliable, & not once have we been spawned at an autosave sầu point after dying. Therefore, the most recent typewriter that you’ve sầu used is the one that you’ll respawn at after death.

And no, Resident Evil 2 does not have a ‘save anywhere’ feature. The only points in the game at which you can manually save are the typewriters, và if you quit out of Resident Evil 2 while playing, you’re going to be put baông xã in at the last typewriter you saved at.

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