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a game by Capcom
Genre: Action
Platforms: Dreamcast, PC, Playstation
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 9 đánh giá
User Rating: 6.6/10 - 86 votes
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Resident Evil 3 had the unenvious task of coming out in between Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica! It was a tall task khổng lồ follow on from the phenomenal ambitious 2 and then come out before the first next-generation Resident Evil game. For me, this is a game that I lượt thích, I really do like this game…. however, it is probably one of my least played of the original Resident Evil games. This was originally released on PlayStation, but PC, Dreamcast, and GameCube would also get a port.

Looking, Good Jill

The story of Resident Evil 3 takes place before và after what goes down in Resident Evil 2. This time you play as Jill Valentine as she tries to lớn get out of the đô thị, expose what is going on, & khuyến mãi with the hulking quái vật that is Nemesis! The story is pretty solid, but it lacks that wow factor Resident Evil 2 had. There was so much story nội dung in Resident Evil 2 & by comparison, this one here feels much shorter. The game once again looks fantastic. I feel that the backgrounds, in particular, are sharper than what the second game had lớn offer. The character models are solid & the cut scenes as you would expect are fantastic. However, this game came out around 6 months before Code Veronica which blew it away visually.

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More kích hoạt Than Most

While Resident Evil 3 is a shorter game than its predecessor. What is on offer here is pretty fun. Jill has the same tank controls as in all the other original Resident Evil games, but she is a bit nimbler here. To start with she had a dodge move & this was the game that introduced the ability lớn allow you to lớn quickly turn around in a 180. The gameplay feels a bit more action packed & faster-paced.There are still plenty of puzzles for you to lớn solve here. However, there is more ammo và the ability khổng lồ make ammo with gunpowder very rarely leaves you struggling for ammo like you would in Code Veronica.

Making The Right Choices

One thing that I thought was really cool in Resident Evil 3 was how they let you make decisions in the game. This happens on a few different occasions and the choices you make can shape the story & give you a different ending. So, while it does not have the multiple campaigns that Resident Evil 2 had to offer, you are rewarded for playing through the campaign again và doing different things.

The Mercenaries game mode is introduced here and it is a blast! You have a short amount of time và items khổng lồ blast your way through a streamlined story. This is a staple of the series now and I had a lot of fun with this mode bachồng in the day & feel that it holds up very well to this day.


The big inclusion of this game và the thing people remember the most is Nemesis. He is such a badass và one of if not the most iconic of all the Resident Evil enemies. He will stalk you as you play and the first time you play the game, you never feel safe and are always worried this maniac is going lớn burst through the wall & try to kill you!


I have sầu to say that Resident Evil 3 is a good game. It may be a bit on the short side, but you are given the incentive sầu lớn replay the game more than once. The new gameplay tweaks that make Jill easier to lớn control và the slightly more emphasis on action make this a rather different game than the one that came before it and after. While it may not be my favorite game in the series, I still highly recommover you give sầu this one a try.


Jill is such a badass!Nemesis is one of the best Resident Evil villains of all timeThe backgrounds have sầu more details and are sharperJill is much nimbler here than the characters in 2You have sầu a reason to lớn play through it more than once


It is shorter than 2 & Code VeronicaIt is not as spectacular as 2 or Code Veronica