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a game by Beenox Inc., & Griptonite Games
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 7.8/10, based on 2 Reviews, 1 đánh giá is shown
User Rating: 7.0/10 - 44 votes
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Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is a third-person action game that takes four different Spider-Man universes and smashes them into lớn one, creating an exciting và chất lượng spin on the web-slinging anh hùng. Developed by Beenox, this adaptation of the massively popular superanh hùng series puts players in control of a handful of different Spider-Man characters, each with a unique style & set of abilities. After an accident causes a rift throughout the multiverse, all four versions of Spider-Man must work in tandem to lớn prsự kiện utter pandemonium. By smartly mixing together a variety of gameplay genres with a central plot and set of mechanics, Shattered Dimensions establishes itself as more than just a simple superhero cash-in. For Spider-Man fans & newbies alike, Shattered Dimensions is a wild & inventive sầu ride.

Main Game Features

Four unique playable versions of Spider-ManOriginal crossover storyAction, adventure, & stealth gameplay


The story in Shattered Dimensions starts with the Amazing Spider-Man battling Mysterio, who is caught attempting to steal the powerful artifact known as the Tablet of Order and Chaos. During the scuffle, the tablet is split inlớn several pieces, scattered over three different dimensions. Luckily, each dimension has a Spider-Man of its own, including Noir Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, & Ultimate Spider-man. With over a dozen pieces of the tablet to lớn discover, the Spider-Men set off to their respective dimensions khổng lồ recover what they can. Along the way, you"ll learn more about the true power of the Tablet of Order và Chaos.

When compared to lớn the Spider-Man movies or even some of the other games, the plot in Shattered Dimensions isn"t all that remarkable. The adventure is littered with familiar villains & other classic Spider-Man characters, providing an ample amount of nostalgia. However, these numerous cameos aren"t enough to lớn really make you care about the characters. That said, there"s enough action and excitement khổng lồ keep you interested, so the laông xã of a compelling plot doesn"t hurt Shattered Dimensions too much.

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Shattered Dimensions is full of exciting combat, with a nice dose of stealth & platforming lớn boot. There are over a dozen levels, spread out across the four key universes in the story. Each of the Spider-Man characters can run, web-swing, zip, và crawl around walls và ceilings with ease. Certain characters are better suited for fighting or stealth, depending on what their levels require. For example, most levels phối in the Noir Spider-Man universe heavily feature stealth và detective sầu work, as you explore a mostly black-and-white environment. On the other h&, levels in the Ultimate universe often contain a surplus of combat encounters. Regardless of what Spider-Man you"re playing as, you can expect explosive and enjoyable action based around his signature abilities.

As you defeat enemies và complete combat challenges, you"ll be awarded points depending on your performance. You can use these points khổng lồ unlochồng new combos, finishing moves, & upgrades. You"ll need to lớn buff up as much as possible, as Shattered Dimensions heavily features boss fights throughout the experience.


The previously mentioned villain cameos often come in the form of trùm battles, with some levels containing multiple fights. These are often the high-point of each level, offering both a spectacle & adrenaline rush. Spider-Man superfans will have an absolute blast beating through the long list of memorable villains, resulting in a gleeful trip down memory lane.

Although Shattered Dimensions occasionally runs inkhổng lồ technical problems and wonky game mechanics, there"s a lot of interesting content to enjoy. The crossover concept alone is enough to get any Spider-Man bạn interested & the consistently enjoyable combat and surprise cameos keep you playing. If you"ve sầu only ever seen the Spider-Man films, this stylish spin-off should open your eyes khổng lồ some of the lesser-known versions of Spider-Man. Solid voice-acting và a flurry of character cameos keep the otherwise underwhelming plot afloat, so don"t go into lớn this game expecting an amazing narrative sầu. If you"re looking to web-swing và knoông chồng the snot out of enemies using distinct Spider-Man powers, then you should play Shattered Dimensions.


Awesome conceptLots of unlockable fighting movesSurprise supervillain cameos


Occasional glitchesMessy plot