This App Can'T Run On Your Pc

This ứng dụng can’t run on your PC“This app can’t run on your PC” is definitely not Chinese to you, especially if you’re a Windows 8 or Windows 10 users. This feature is called SmartScreen filter. It’s designed lớn keep you save from malicious programs, web pages and/or websites.

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In normal cases, it pops out when Microsoft decides that certain apps you are khổng lồ open would be harmful to or not appropriate for your operating system.

However, it can be too sensitive sầu sometimes to a point where you can’t even open some of the basic programs which you’re sure to be problem-không tính tiền. 

Not to worry much about it. Annoying as it seems, it’s an easy problem khổng lồ solve, as long as we find out what cause it. Just follow the instructions below and you will easily get it fixed! 

Option 1: Download & install the right version of programsOption 2: Use a new administrator accountOption 3: Disable SmartScreenOption 4: Enable Sideload appsOther options

Option 1: Download and install the right version of programs

One of the most commonly seen reasons for this error message is that you have downloaded the wrong program for your operating system. For example, you’re in Windows 32-bit, but you download a program for Windows 64-bit OS. 

Double-kiểm tra the program you are to install, and make sure that you have sầu the correct thiết đặt files downloaded. 

Option 2: Use a new administrator account

One of the first things you should try is lớn switch to lớn your administrator account if you’re on a guest account. If you’re already on your administrator account và the problem persists, you need khổng lồ create a new administrator tài khoản to fix this issue. Here is how: 

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key I at the same time. Then cliông chồng Account


2) On the left side of the pane, click Family và other people. On the right side, scroll down a little bit to locate Other people section. Then click Add someone else khổng lồ this PC


Note: On some versions, the listed options could be Family & other users and Other users

3) Click I don’t have sầu this person’s sign-in information


4) Click Add a user without a Microsoft account


5) Finish typing in your personal information for your new account, và click Next lớn continue. 


6) You should be able lớn see the new account just created. We need to click it và click Change trương mục type


7) Click Administrator. Click OK to save sầu the change. 


8) If switching lớn a new administrator account solve your problem, you need to move sầu your personal files and folders to this new trương mục & use it from now on. 

Option 3: Disable SmartScreen

As mentioned, SmartScreen is designed to protect you from phishing attacks and malware. Disabling SmartScreen is just a temporarily workaround.

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If this option doesn’t work for you, please re-enable it just in case unwanted problems occur. Here is how you disable it: 

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key & S key at the same time lớn evoke a search box. Type smart screen in the tìm kiếm box & click App và browser control


2) Cliông xã the Off option under the Cheông chồng apps & files category


3) You need to provide administrator approval to lớn proceed. Clichồng Yes at the User Account Control window lớn continue. 

4) Try to lớn reinstall the phầm mềm you wanted to install now. See if the notification appears again. 

If it reappears, change your SmartScreen filter bachồng to Warn status. This khổng lồ a large extent prevents you from viruses or malware. 

Option 4: Enable Sideload apps 

If the tiện ích you want khổng lồ install is not from Windows Store, but from the source that you trust. You can try Sideloading apps: 

NOTE: This option is recommended only when you have sầu 100% trust in the app publisher. 

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows biểu tượng logo keyI at the same time. Then cliông chồng Update & security


2) On the left side of the pane, click For developers. Then click Sideload apps on the right side. 


Other options

1) If this error happens when you click the program shortcut, try lớn open the thư mục it belongs & run it from there. If it still refuses khổng lồ work, you need lớn reinstall this program. 

2) If you have tried all the above sầu methods but khổng lồ no avail, please consider try lớn perkhung a clean boot

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