Valiant Hearts: The Great War

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Valiant Hearts : The Great War

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Do you love sầu games related lớn history, especially world war? Valiant Hearts : The Great War MOD APK will take you on the adventure back in time with a completely different approach from the war games you’ve ever played. Let’s explore!

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Introduce about Valiant Hearts : The Great War

The Android version of the famous game is based on a true story

In fact, before the official release on Android, Valiant Hearts : The Great War was released for other platforms such as PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, và Xbox One in năm trước. The game quickly got the love sầu of players thanks lớn the touching storyline, a new approach, và artistic graphic style. Besides a large number of players, the game also received winged Review from critics & numerous awards at game festivals.

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The success of Valiant Hearts : The Great War not only comes from the dedicated development team, but it also resonates with the unique storyline based on real stories from the stages of World War I. They collected letters from soldiers and real people in history khổng lồ make a touching story about people in war. Not only fighting with guns, but they also have another war, the war with reality lớn protect their souls from the devastation of war.

The gameplay combines puzzle và adventure

Valiant Hearts : The Great War is probably the only world war game where you don’t need to lớn hold a gun to fight enemies. It is more about puzzles & adventure. You spkết thúc most of your time traveling through the battlefields from France khổng lồ Germany, picking up important items, solving some problems lớn continue the journey. For example, if you encounter wreckage in the way, you can use a grenade to destroy it.

Overall, it’s a puzzle game, but I’ve never come across a puzzle so hard that I’m stuông xã there for hours. Just a few tries are enough for me to finish. Perhaps, a puzzle that is too difficult will become redundant if it spoils the player’s emotional circuit, which the plot of Valiant Hearts : The Great War is doing so well.

Explore a touching story through the characters’ perspective

The game consists of many chapters with non-linear storytelling. You, in turn, experience the big story through the perspective sầu of each character. The story begins with the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia in 1914 after the assassination of the crown prince of Austria. Countries identify allies & enemies. In the process, France expelled German citizens from its territory. Karl, a German citizen living in France, married a French girl named Marie, & they have sầu a child named Victor. Karl was expelled from France when he was only 18 years old. He was also forced khổng lồ join the fight for the German army.


Ironically, Emile, Karl’s father-in-law (Marie’s father), sets out to lớn join the French army. You control Emile, take part in pre-war training to understand the game’s controls. Emile met Karl again during the border war. But the Allies attaông xã the camp of Lord Von Dorf, causing Karl khổng lồ flee with the Germans. Emile was also injured và was saved by Walt, a German dog from the rubble. He met Freddie, an American who joined the French army with the purpose of revenge against Von Dorf, who commanded the bombing that caused hyên to lớn thất bại his beloved wife. The two continue to lớn meet Anna, a nurse in the military. She is also spying on Von Dorf, who captures her father to lớn force hlặng to retìm kiếm and manufacture weapons for hyên ổn.

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Biographies of the characters

Karl: A German guy living và working in France before the war. He has a wife named Marie & a son named Victor. The game also mainly revolves around Karl in his survival journey to see his wife và children again.Emile: Karl’s father-in-law. He was forced to join the French army. During the war, he was always looking for Karl lớn help his son-in-law return trang chính.Freddie: An American volunteer joins the French army. He wants revenge for his wife lost in the German army bombing.Anna: A nurse serving in the military. She wants to rescue her father, who Von Dorf captured, for the purpose of making weapons for hlặng.Walt: The German dog, the special frikết thúc of the characters in the game. No one knows about his past. You can control Walt for some special missions.

Artistic style of Valiant Hearts

Image is one of the factors that contribute lớn the success of the game. Despite using 2D graphics with cartoon-lượt thích brushstrokes, Valiant Hearts : The Great War excelled at depicting the characters with expressions that touched the player’s heart. Delicately moving images. The battlefield scene is depicted honestly và fiercely. Besides, the game also cleverly integrates the characters’ peaceful silence, helping you feel the message that the game wants khổng lồ convey deeply.


Music really touches the player’s heart

Besides, it is impossible not khổng lồ mention the music background is extremely touching and heroic that you will enjoy throughout the game. They are compiled directly by famous musicians. It contributes lớn creating feelings for players through each scene. The game encourages you lớn use headphones for the best experience.

MOD APK version of Valiant Hearts : The Great War

MOD feature

Unlocked Full: You can play all the paid nội dung, the extended content for không tính phí.

Download Valiant Hearts : The Great War MOD APK for Android

War not only includes glory, blood, và tears, it also includes innocent people trapped in the war. Every day, their hearts are torn apart by crimes of war. They just want to lớn return khổng lồ a peaceful life with family & loved ones. Between bombs and hatred, the characters in Valiant Hearts : The Great War create a beautiful and touching story of friendship & a desire khổng lồ live, lượt thích a flower growing in the desert. If you want to lớn experience history based on the eyes of those who participated in the greathử nghiệm war of humanity, please tải về this game now via the link below.